Wallachian pig killing feast with dulcimer band

Come to Výčep and have fun in Ultimate Wallachian Style! March 25th, starting at 5 pm, there’ll be a typical pig slaughtering menu just for you and most importantly – LIVE DULCIMER BAND will be there, too! Tickets available only at Výčep – ask our staff and see you on March 25!

Pig Killing Menu:

Pig killing Tafelspitz, potatoes, vejmrda relish, horseradish, kale, our mustard
Scrambled eggs with pork brain roasted in smoked pork fat, charred toast, pork cracklings and chives
Head cheese with onion and vinegar, bread, pepper
Por crackling spread smeared on bread, pickle
Pork belly spread smeared on bread with a pickle
Roast jitrnice sausage with mustard sauce, our sauerkraut stomped in house, buttered potatoes
Roast pork belly bits on garlic and onion, pork jus, marinated veggies, bread
Schnitzel from 3-week aged Přeštice pork neck with speck sauce and herbs, marinated vegetables, bread

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