Wallachian pig killing feast with a dulcimer band Radegast


The event of the summer is here: Výčep is running a pig killing feast with a live dulcimer band and a raffle!

What’s it all about? An ample pig killing menu, incl. schnitzels, black and white sausages, pork cracklings, goulash, headcheese, tongue, blood soup or stuffed trotters or cream rolls, beer, wine and spirits, live band and as always joyful vibes!

When? We’re starting at 5pm on Saturday 16 March.

How to get in? We offer tickets in three rounds, and speed is of the essence.
The first 10 tickets will be sold at CZK 2,500 (SOLD OUT).
The next twenty will go for CZK 3,000,
and the final thirty will cost CZK 3,500.
You can get these in Výčep, and you can call 720 120 100 to reserve yours. Can’t wait to see you there!

The full menu:

Sourdough bread with crackling spread and Wallachian popcorn from Přeštice pig

Pork brain roasted with garlic and bacon on French toast, egg, chives

Black buckwheat soup with offal, fresh marjoram, and caraway crescent roll

Smoked pork tongue fried in beer batter with smoked mayonnaise and horseradish, lemon, red gold

Pork aspic with vinegar and onion, pepper, herbs, crackling flatbreads

Spicy slaughterhouse goulash with Vienna pretzel and fresh marjoram, onion, pickled bell pepper

Fried liver sausage on lard with our mashed cabbage, potatoes, mustard sauce, fried cabbage

Sausage baked in lard with our mashed cabbage, potatoes, mustard sauce, fried cabbage

Fried pork neck cutlet from Přeštice with Dalešice 13° beer and malt sauce, pickled vegetables

Stuffed pork knuckle grilled over fire with spicy sausage sauce, kohlrabi salad, bread

Butter cream roll with vanilla cream and goat’s milk caramel, hazelnuts

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